With Thanks!

I was trying to collect some pictures and videos to show the results of some major expenses. Thanks to the generous parishioners of the St. Therese community who donated their treasures to keep their parish in good shape. Pictures are worth a thousand words.  We have some missing pictures that are not posted such as:   

The repair of the gates of both parking lots  

Power wash of the frontal of the outside of the Church; the facade was green with mold

The Trimming hazardous trees 

The Surplus from the ACA for the year 2018 also helped us repair the damage and some windows in the school.  

Once again, we are determined to go over our goal so that we can help the diocese and our parish.

“The little way” of St Therese is the secret. She said “Remember that nothing is small in the eyes of God. Do all that you do with love.”