St. Therese of Lisieux – Ministries/Groups and Leaders

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Altar Servers Pastor/DRE
Baptism Ministry Aminta Stewart
CCD Fr. Liju Augustine
Consolation Geralda Friedman (Creole)
Denise Humphrey (English)
Eucharistic Ministers Beverley Green
Faith Formation Michele Guerrier
Fellowship Denise Humphrey (English)
Charles Valdemar (Creole)
Finance Council Audrey Richardson
Food Pantry

Homebound Ministry

Carmen Freeman

Gloria Derosema

Legion of Mary Gloria Dabreo (English)
Vonette Derosema (Creole)
Les Ambassadrices de Jesus Yolene Jacques
Little Flower Digital Ministry Jina James
Marriage Ministry Leah Baptiste
Ministry of the Word (Lectors) Denise Humphrey (English)
Marie Andre Joseph (Creole)
Music Ministry English

Music Ministry Youth

Music Ministry Creole

Edsen-Samy Renaud (Music Director)

Famicia Coriolan

Solette Innocent

Outdoor Planting Committee Edna Haywood
Parish Life / Fundraising Denise Humphrey
Parish Nurses Bernadine Noel
Pierre Toussaint Yvrose Plantin
Prayer Group (English) Leah Baptiste (English)
Religious Education Fr. Liju Augustine