Altar Servers

Altar servers are members of the worshiping community who are called to assist the Priest and Deacon at the Altar during Sunday and weekday Eucharist and other liturgical celebrations.

Formation: A period of training is needed because the task of service can vary depending on the celebration and circumstances.

The following is very important information:

  • The Mass, its parts and their meaning.
  • The names and users of the various objects in the liturgy.
  • The function and uses of the server during Mass and other liturgies.

Duties: A minimum of three servers should be assigned for weekend celebration 5PM on Saturday, 9AM, 11AM and 1PM Liturgies of Sunday.

  • Carry the processional Cross and candle if used
  • Hold the book for priest
  • Carry the incense and censor
  • Assist priest and deacon in preparing the gifts
  • Wash the hands of the priest
  • Join in the prayers, hymns and other parts of the celebrations.

At St. Therese weekend masses, 3 servers will be assigned, Sat 5PM, Sun 9AM, 11AM, 1PM.  One (1) Cross Bearer and two (2) Candle bearers will lead the procession in to the church.

The two candle bearers will escort the book of the Gospel from the Altar to the Ambo during the Gospel reading.  After the Gospel, return candles to the Altar.

Offertory: Two candle bearers will leave the sanctuary with candles and walk down the side aisles to the cut to escort the gift bearers to the front with the gifts and return the candles to the altar.

At St. Therese all servers use a basic white alb supplied by the parish used with a white or red cincuture.

Servers must receive training for at least 6 weeks before vesture then serve with an experienced server.  Mr. Carlos Stewart is the Lay coordinator of training and scheduling all servers.

All servers should arrive 15 to 30 minutes before their consolidated time to make sure the altar is prepared and to assist the sacristan Mr. Saintil.

Dress Code:  Servers must be dressed in a way which reflect your ministry, no jeans, no sneakers, no tank tops.