Ministry of Hospitality

The ministry of Usher, Greeter, in their person must become a joyous invitation to worship.  The key word is Ministry, you are a living sign pointing the way.  Ushers are doors offering ready access to the living Temple of God.

A prerequisite for those aspiring to quality service in the role of ushers is a commitment to Christian living in their church. Every usher therefore ought to be a “People Person”.

Some Practical Suggestions: 

  • Be there, remember that God’s people need you and are depending on you.
  • Arrive early at least 30 minutes before the time of service.
  • Give a moment to silent prayerful preparation for your ministry.
  • Check to make sure you have all materials available.
  • Be at your best. look pleasant, take places at all entrances.
  • Make your first word, a word of welcome and be aware of visitors and new comers help them feel at home.
  • If you cannot function for your assigned Mass/service it is your responsibility to contact the head usher at the Mass/service so that another usher is assigned.  Prior to the day and from your list of ushers contact another usher to replace you.

Each usher must be outfitted before serving.

The official uniform is as follows:

Burgundy blazer for both male and female
White shirts, white blouse
Burgundy tie (men) burgundy cross tie (women)
Black pants (men) black skirts (women)

STOP- WAIT   An Usher may stop late arrivals from disturbing the praying and listening assembly by standing firmly at the foot of the aisle.

Seating People:  People become very attached to their pew/seat and you may not always convince them to move forward, that is okay, but try to encourage them to move closer without browbeating them and remember to smile. When seating people lead them up the aisle, walk slowly do not point them to a seat escort them and wait until they are seated before you leave.

Emergencies:  Should be handled with care and concern with the lease amount of disturbance.  Know where the first aid kit is and if necessary call EMS 911, give basic details.  Don’t panic, have another usher make the call and ask if there are any nurses/doctors at Mass.  Ask their assistance and resume your duties as an usher.  Please use the phone in the sacristy to call 911.

Striving for excellence – aware of our shortcomings we as a community are earnestly striving to improve the quality of Sunday worship as well as all religious services.