Black History Liturgical Youth Mass & Recitals, Sunday, 2/23/2020

1st Lector:                        Hunter 
2nd Lector:                       Kaelah 
Prayer of the Faithful:    Jayden
Announcements:            Sarah
Gifts to the Altar:            Emmanuel & Shanaya
Young Usher:                  Kerryn
Youth Choir:                    London, Nakyla, & Annabelle 
Recitals :
I Have a Dream Speech by Martin Luther King Jr.,  Go to the Back Rosa Parks Poem, Still I rise Poem by Maya Angelou, Hey Black Child Poem by Useni Eugene Perkins, They fear us  by  Polanges Bonaney Jr. (Note: She is a young altar server at the parish) 
Pictures will be posted soon!